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When it comes to public relations, the term media relates to different channels a brand might use to attract new customers. From small scale public information campaigns to cross-continent PR services and everything in between, we connect top brands with their audiences.

PR Services

Build a mutually favourable relationship with your audience with India’s top PR management services.

Public Relation (PR) is a definite business concept not understood by many. Public Relation and Advertisement are two different subject matters, though they may have the same motive to deliver. In Public Relations, promotion activities may happen for clients, products, or even ourselves; but unlike advertisers, PR services lead through unpaid mediums of promotion and for communicating with the audience across all platforms. It is a practice of consciously managing the spread of information by an individual or an organisation to their audience, thus giving a new image to the public perception.

Public Relations Agencies are basically a team of professionals that help a business or an individual develop a significant and trustworthy reputation with the audience through various unpaid or earned communication methods that comprise traditional media, social media, and in-person engagements. Good PR management can save your credibility by defending your reputation in a time of crisis.

Kreative Buzz’s PR Services

Kreative Buzz is India’s leading Public Relations services providing agency supporting you through a complete PR management practice that involves: brand communications, corporate reputation, employee communications and corporate social responsibility. We deliver customised communication programs for different audience groups through a contract publishing, newsletters, websites, intranets, sales collateral, white papers, case studies, and direct mails.

What We Do – How We Do?

We bring to you a strong strategic perspective founded on experience, understanding and insight. Our team of professionals possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of various industries and are trained to handle each phase and protect your reputation. We have helped many clients with their promotional activities and have given them an image of an inspiring, successful, and honest company.

Our process to build and grow your dependable public image involves the following functions:

Build a Strategic Plan : to give your brand a voice in the news and relevant publications.

Leverage our Press Relations : to put out positive information about your organisation whenever required, relating to your business achievements and growth, and your contributions to the industry and society.

Publicity of your Products : through various online and offline events.

Effective Brand Communication : through various media platforms to create awareness and promote the organisation’s thoughts and motives.

Public Relationship Counseling : to advise an organisation’s management about the ongoing public issues, the company’s current position, and ways to improve and maintain the company image during the good and bad times.

Measuring Success : with our customised PR campaign reports to understand the ROI through important metrics like engagement rates, traffic and views.

Our core capabilities in PR services:

In the rapidly evolving technology era, customer expectations have increased due to booming digital communications. With our PR practices, we try to shift the public perceptions, stir emotions, and encourage positive reactions towards your organisation through brand messaging and successful brand stories.

We ensure that we make optimum use of the gift of available communication mediums to have a positive diversion for your audience towards your company with our capabilities that revolve around:

The importance of Public Relations in India has had a steep elevation over the last several years. Today, it has become impossible for many companies to rely just on advertising alone and remain competitive, build the brand, and win the attention and trust of its target audience. Having the best PR Agency to represent you and your business has become a key essential to keep up amongst the top competitors in your business industry.

Also, choosing the correct Public Relations Agency, that understands your business, audience, and market trends, can turn out to be a profitable investment for an individual and also an organisation as a whole. Our success stories lie in all areas across industries giving individuals and brands and visibility with increased recognition and improved reputation.

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