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Looking to verify your local business page on Facebook? Your search ends here for you Facebook Page Verification. We can help you in verifying your Facebook fan page.

Kreative Buzz’s Facebook Verification Services

Just as Instagram, Facebook also has its separate account verification process and not everyone can get verified on Facebook. There is a set of verification guidelines that your Page has to meet and follow to be eligible for verification that include: Authenticity, Completeness, Notability, Uniqueness. These are the minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled to apply for Facebook account verification, however, this isn’t enough to get verification. Just like Instagram, not all pages and profiles are verified by Facebook. Facebook approves the verification badge only for public figures, government and media organizations, and brands that meet the requirement of Facebook and are thought to be influential.

Kreative Buzz, being a leading ORM service provider in India, understands Facebook’s verification criteria and processes. There are three types of Facebook Verification: personal page, profile, and business/brand page. We know the requirements for all three types and can help with the verification of all.

We do a pre-check of your Facebook page or profile that needs to be verified, fill in all the necessary details on your page to ensure your page or profile is complete, collect the necessary details and documents that are required for the verification for each type of account and submit the verification request on your behalf. We need to wait while Facebook reviews our request and gets back to us with the confirmation of verification.

How long does it take to verify your Facebook Profile?

Facebook doesn’t guarantee a response time—it could be anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days. If you’re trying to get a business account verified on Facebook, expect it to take longer since Facebook will need to manually review the documents you submitted for authenticity.

In a rare case, if your verification request is rejected by Facebook, we reach out to Facebook for more information about your verification rejection. We can reapply for verification after 30 days. During that time, we work with you to improve your Page or Profile by working on your online presence and boosting your Facebook marketing efforts, so you have a better chance of getting verified the next time.

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